Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Meeting!

Ok, so we just had our first meeting. As our first book is Coraline, we went to see the movie! I believe our general thoughts were this:

Book: Pretty awesome, although incredibly creepy. This was written for children?????

Movie: Incredible animation, and nowhere near as nightmare-provoking as the book. Although most of the additions were fine, such as the dolls and making the mice hop (hehe), giving Coraline a friend (Weidy or Whiny or whatever his name was) wasn't the greatest idea. A big part of the book was how Coraline was the only kid!

Next meeting, we will create our Coraline cake. We will decide on a date soon! And if I didn't manage to portray your reactions correctly, please leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Awesome Dudes and Dudettes! Good night Elvis!
    Randomness Rocks My Socks Off!

  2. omg i luv u guyz i am ur bigest fan!!!!111oneoneone