Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, our "Rebecca" cake wasn't quite as magnificent as the Grimm's cake, we stuck to something pretty simple. This is Rebecca's dead body with the bullet wound in her heart. I am not exactly sure how much time has passed since she died, since there is still blood, and yet her hair has already been "turned white by the sea" and there are fish in it! But, it's a cake, so I guess it doesn't have to be exactly realistic!

The creepy pink and orange and green thing is another one of Caroline's creepy creatures (yay, alliteration!) made of fondant. It is apparently Jasper the dog. He is eating Rebecca's face. This time we couldn't just cover it up and make it a hill. Haha.
We know she got shot, it was just fun to stick the knife in. Ok, that sounds like we have a really sick sense of humor, but it was a cake!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures Below!

Definitely click on the pictures to make them larger, especially the overall view of the cake! My "Clever Alice" is the face on the side of the mountain with a peanut body and the hatchet over her head! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! You really have to read that story....And if you read the blue letters in the cake that say FOX, it is Caroline's marker to the fox that we buried and made a hill. Sorry, Caroline, we just were a little creeped out by that thing!

Oh, and we are rescheduling Rebecca for this weekend, so you can still read it!!!

So, the first picture did not turn out especially well, but the brown thing was the most adorable deer made out of a peanut and marzipan ever! (I am quite proud!) This was from "The Little Brother and Sister", in which the brother drinks from a stream and turns into a deer, and then all of this random stuff happens, and the sister becomes queen, and it's all very random!!! Anyway, the deer is drinking from the pond that comes out of the waterfall coming down the mountain thing that you can see in the whole picture!

The second picture shows Olivia's fantastic Cinderella coming out of a tower of her castle! The whole covering the castle with black food coloring didn't work out especially well, but it's still awesome! We went a bit overboard with covering the cake with little bushes and mushrooms (cookies and gumdrops on pretzel sticks), but the overall effect is really quite charming!

The last obviously shows the entire cake, which was amazing!!! It is difficult to see the details, and I recommend clicking on the picture to make it larger! The little procession of animals that are in twos is from "The Two Brothers", the two geese and the fox in the back are from "The Fox and the Geese" (haha!), the rose with the dead body (HAHAHAHA!) in the right-front corner is from "The Rose", and you can't see my amazing "Clever Alice" at all. :(

I hope you can get the general idea of the cake and how brilliant it was! We all loved how it turned out!!!!!


Sorry for the delay, but here are some pictures of the Grimm's cake! There were only three on Olivia's camera! I thought that we had taken more, but I guess that was on the cellphone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rebecca Meeting!


So, the plan is to have the first meeting for Rebecca this Saturday at Aidan's house. We are planning on a new rule, YOU MUST HAVE ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK TO COME TO THE MEETING. I mean, we aren't going to kick you out if you do come or anything, but it would make more sense this way, so that we actually get to discuss the book instead of a couple people planning the cake and everyone else... say, playing Wii! Not that there won't be time for that stuff as well.

I am so far the only person who as actually finished it, but Olivia is almost done, and a couple others PROMISED that they would read it! So, I guess we'll have a very small meeting again. We are going to be planning the next cake and watching the movie of Rebecca.

Remember, all this is tentative, as we may all perish in a fire if Caroline or I trip during Honor Society on Friday. I really will try not to catch your hair on fire, Olivia! But hey, let's not go there!

Monday, April 6, 2009



I just wanted to say that I just finished Rebecca, and I absolutely loved it! The first couple of chapters or so are kind of boring, but it gets much better! I love how you don't even know the narrator's name, it is all about Rebecca! It isn't exactly a murder mystery like you generally think of them, where you are trying to figure out the killer. And it keeps you interested even once you know what happened, which is weird... Plus, what a last paragraph!!!!!!!! I don't want to give anything away, but I really do think that everyone should read it!

Enjoy your spring break!