Monday, April 20, 2009

So, the first picture did not turn out especially well, but the brown thing was the most adorable deer made out of a peanut and marzipan ever! (I am quite proud!) This was from "The Little Brother and Sister", in which the brother drinks from a stream and turns into a deer, and then all of this random stuff happens, and the sister becomes queen, and it's all very random!!! Anyway, the deer is drinking from the pond that comes out of the waterfall coming down the mountain thing that you can see in the whole picture!

The second picture shows Olivia's fantastic Cinderella coming out of a tower of her castle! The whole covering the castle with black food coloring didn't work out especially well, but it's still awesome! We went a bit overboard with covering the cake with little bushes and mushrooms (cookies and gumdrops on pretzel sticks), but the overall effect is really quite charming!

The last obviously shows the entire cake, which was amazing!!! It is difficult to see the details, and I recommend clicking on the picture to make it larger! The little procession of animals that are in twos is from "The Two Brothers", the two geese and the fox in the back are from "The Fox and the Geese" (haha!), the rose with the dead body (HAHAHAHA!) in the right-front corner is from "The Rose", and you can't see my amazing "Clever Alice" at all. :(

I hope you can get the general idea of the cake and how brilliant it was! We all loved how it turned out!!!!!

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