Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rebecca Meeting!


So, the plan is to have the first meeting for Rebecca this Saturday at Aidan's house. We are planning on a new rule, YOU MUST HAVE ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK TO COME TO THE MEETING. I mean, we aren't going to kick you out if you do come or anything, but it would make more sense this way, so that we actually get to discuss the book instead of a couple people planning the cake and everyone else... say, playing Wii! Not that there won't be time for that stuff as well.

I am so far the only person who as actually finished it, but Olivia is almost done, and a couple others PROMISED that they would read it! So, I guess we'll have a very small meeting again. We are going to be planning the next cake and watching the movie of Rebecca.

Remember, all this is tentative, as we may all perish in a fire if Caroline or I trip during Honor Society on Friday. I really will try not to catch your hair on fire, Olivia! But hey, let's not go there!

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