Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grimm's cake and our next book!

Hey! I will post pictures of the Grimm's cake eventually, but they need to be emailed to me first! It was awesome though, and those of us who bothered to COME had a fabulous time making it, eating it, making up "What if.."s, making Charles chase basketballs down hills, getting locked in the basement by Caroline, etc...

Many of us found most of the fairy tales hilarious and random, although often gruesome. However, Sarah puts it..."
I tried reading some of them, and it was so boring and painful I had to stop."


We have decided to read "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier next. This is a British murder mystery, and reader reviews seem to agree that although some of it may seem slow or dull, it truly is a great read if you are not discouraged by that fact and keep reading! I have a feeling that those people who couldn't get through a Grimm's fairy tale might not love this book either, but Olivia and I certainly are looking forward to it! Next time we will choose a more modern book!

Since our next meeting will probably not be for another three weeks due to Spring Break, everyone should have plenty of time to acquire and read it.

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